Bring Li'l Adolf And Eva On Down To Charlottesville Reunion Rally And Jamboree!

In yet another sequel that no one asked for, the Nazi shitheads that brought us the Unite The Right rally last year are all set to launch Charlottesville 2: The Tikining. Coming to a Washington DC near you!

Jason Kessler has been granted tentative approval by the National Parks Service for his application to hold another rally this year in DC, which he claims will feature at least 400 homely white dudes in khakis simultaneously whining about "white civil rights" -- the theme of this year's rally, inspired by the fact that when Kessler sought to get a permit to hold another rally in Charlottesville, he was denied. Probably not so much because they wanted to deny him his civil rights as a white person, but rather because of the whole thing where one of the attendees murdered a woman with a car. Especially since after that happened, Kessler tweeted that she "deserved what she got" because she was a "commie."

Kessler later claimed that he only tweeted that because he was drunk and on Ambien and Xanax, but no one seemed to buy that excuse, including his buddies on the Right. Likely not because they actually think what he said was bad, but because they know it makes them "look bad" when they cheer for murder.

After Charlottesville denied his request, Kessler sued them for denying him his First Amendment rights. The case has not yet been decided, although given the violence and murder at last year's event, it seems likely that the court may find in the city's favor. It is fair for Charlottesville to say, "Hey, you know what? We tried this last year and it did not work out so well! We clearly do not have the ability to host this and make sure everyone is safe and not murdered!"

Since last year's rally, the alt-right has gone through some significant changes -- and by changes, I mean that they are falling the fuck apart. This is not surprising, given the fact that they are both extremely unpleasant and given to fits of extreme paranoia and Jerry Springer-esque internal drama. Most of them hate each other now, and none of them can agree on who is for real and who is a secret George Soros plant.

Kessler says he expects about 400 people to show up, but even that tiny number may be reaching. He may well end up being Stella Dallas's daughter at her birthday party, except that instead of no one showing up because his mom is weird, they won't show up because they do not like him, personally.

You see, I have scanned every creepy ass alt-right site and Twitter feed I know of, and I could not find a single person who was super excited about going to Kessler's latest event. The closest thing I found was this post on Gab claiming that calling Kessler a White Supremacist showed "bias."

There was no mention of it, at all, on my alt-right Twitter list, and so far there isn't even anything on The Daily Stormer about it. Christopher "Crying Nazi" Cantwell hasn't said a darn thing about it, since he was busy congratulating Trump on his transphobic comments about the appearance of a protester at his rally.

According to the Washington Post, Richard Spencer won't be showing up this year either. When the King of the Nazis doesn't show up to your Nazi rally, you are probably in trouble.

This is likely at least in part because of the post-Charlottesville rumors that Kessler was actually a secret George Soros Democrat plant, Occupy Wall Street protester and former CNN correspondent, on a mission to make the Right look bad. You know, because they need so much help with that.

The only part of that rumor that is verified, by the way, is that he did vote for Obama, although he says he changed his mind about him during his second term. But keep in mind we are dealing with people who also very much believe in "crisis actors" and other elaborate conspiracies, so they are prone to taking those kinds of things very seriously.

The only person who seems even moderately enthused about this is Tom Rogan of the Washington Examiner, who explains that the rally will show "America at it's best" because of how Nazis are allowed to hold rallies here.

Rightly, Americans will be deeply offended by a group of men walking around the nation's capital with torches telling others that they are less valuable humans. To many minority Americans and Americans per se, this gathering will be a celebration of everything they detest: xenophobia, racial hatred, and misogyny.

Yet that is exactly why this protest is ultimately so good for America: It proves to all our citizens young and old that the right to express one's viewpoints cannot be constrained by the offense that speech may cause others. It is that emancipation of speech which allows our social and political discourses to range free in a competition of ideas.

Sadly this trait is rare in the otherwise free and democratic nations around the world. Across western Europe, governments are banning speech they regard as hateful. They do so proudly, as if their cause is moral and the right not to be offended a natural one.

But they are wrong, and America is right.

I don't know if it's so much that places like Germany and France are afraid of "offending" anyone so much as they kind of lived through some pretty bad times as a result of this particular ideology and are not especially eager to do so again. Or that they fear the consequences of having a Nazi rally are worse than not allowing those people the right to express themselves. Given how that's worked out for them in the past, maybe we don't have room to judge?

Boiling this down to "Dur, they're afraid of offending people, unlike us cool Americans!" is pretty shitty given what those countries went through. There's a big difference between "afraid of offending people" and "afraid of genocide."

The thing that would actually make our country look best here, I suppose, would be if literally no one except Kessler showed up to this rally at all. And it looks like that's what's going to end up happening.

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