Charlottesville Nazi 'Commie Killer' Cracker Goin' The Fuck To Jail

Neck full of identifying moles, non-high school graduating asshole Nazi sociopath Daniel Borden has been found guilty of his participation in the beating sustained by Charlottesville City Schools instructional assistant Deandre Harris. You'll remember Deandre as the young black man whose vicious assault was captured in a viral video, after taking part in the counter protest of the insurgent white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, last August. You can easily recall how all of those fine upstanding Deliverance type KKK-ers showed up pissed off about Robert E. Lee's statue being dismantled? Their tiki-torch-wielding brethren had lit up the night before but the assault endured by Mr. Harris occurred on the same day as the murder of Heather Heyer.

I guess Charlottesville PD didn't take the Unite the Right murderous crackers seriously. It's no surprise that Harris was attacked in a parking garage next door to the police station; it's no surprise that Harris, the victim, was initially charged with assault; and it's no surprise that white racists like Daniel Borden still feel entitled to defile black bodies. Given all of that, it sure as hell is surprising Borden got pinched and isn't getting away with anything. He's been found guilty of "malicious wounding," and will be sentenced, along with a bunch of other Nazi dicks, in October. Thank you interwebs!

Borden's attorney Mike Hallahan, known for representing the skeeviest of skeevy white dudes and looking for a way to blame any black one, stated that Borden “didn’t have malice in his heart or mind when he did this,” and was concerned that his pathetic scribbled up hard hat wearing client wasn't going to get a fair trial. Real quick sidebar, what on earth was with that too-small hard hat anyway? And the Dockers? Just who is merching up these modern Tiki Torch Nazi's? They look like a lame Clockwork Orange, Bob the Builder, IT guy hybrid ... at a luau? But I digress.

Attorney Hallahan went on to argue that:

Borden wouldn’t be able to get a fair trial in Charlottesville, and said [...] that the city has shown an “absolute sheer bias” against rally participants by pursuing charges against them but not prosecuting people for jaywalking or blocking Fourth Street during the car attack in which a white supremacist rammed his car into a crowd of people, killing Heather Heyer and injuring many others. Fourth Street was supposed to have been closed during the rally.

Say what, now? That's some crazy ass deflection non sequitur of a polemic reach if there ever was one. So legal eagle Hallahan was trying to equate a racially motivated gang beating to those damn progressive jaywalkers, that he is implying caused Heather Heyers death because they were there to be plowed through so why didn't the prosecution go after them whaaaaaaaaaaaa????


Hallahan entered an Alford plea for the self-proclaimed "Commie Killer" Borden (it's an official name, ol' Daniel, he used a sharpie), which states that mothafucker was guilty since you can see his dumbass on the video, but let's call him "asserting his innocence." Fuck that cracker. He won't be fishing for a while. He'll be new fish. IN PRISON.

Not to worry however, his KKK buddies will be sure to look out for him while he's inside. There was said to be a now defunct GoFundMe for the racist bastard, raising very little. Another supporter tweeted the below in celebration of the racist antics committed:

So I suggest we send the lads some appropriate reading material. How about Richard Wright's Native Son? Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man? Jimmy Baldwin's The Price of the Ticket? Better yet, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, by Maya Angelou.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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