Charming Loser Dukakis Says Obama Will Win, Probably

America never really had an occasion to think about Michael Dukakis for about oh TWENTY YEARS until he showed up in anice NYT graphic yesterday proving, conclusively, that he could never have defeated George H.W. Bush in an election because he was half a foot shorter. Dukakis was a hilarious failure of a candidate, and now he says the Obama campaign is doing better than his did, which is a true and obvious statement.

Here are some things we have learned from this article about Michael Dukakis in the Observer:

  • Dukakis is 74 whole years old! That makes him just two years older, and an inch taller, than another doomed presidential candidate we have heard of.
  • He called John McCain's vice presidential pick "a pathetic selection."
  • He hasn't really spoken with Joe Biden for 21 years, because it was a Dukakis guy who leaked a videotape of Biden plagiarizing the hell out of some teabag politician, which effectively killed Biden's presidential candidacy back there in 1987.

Oh and Michael Dukakis "love[s Joe Biden's] affection for Amtrak," which is kinky.

Dukakis on the Election: Obama Knows How to Win, 'McCain Has Nothing' [New York Observer]


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