Charming Oklahoma Restaurant Takes You Back To Pre-1960s Birmingham (Video)


Well! Here's a charming little local business in Enid, Oklahoma, run by a "real character": Gary's Chicaros restaurant and bar, run by one Gary James, who doesn't deny that he throws out any patrons he doesn't like the looks of. His official restaurant T-shirts say so, with a clever promise of an "n-word-free zone." (The shirts do not say "n-word." But you guessed that already.) But he'snot racist, he says, because he denies service to way more whites than blacks, you see, especially if they're trashy:

“I have one rule that does away with 95 percent of the trash,” James said. “If they are rude enough to wear a hat inside a building, I don’t want them here. Most of those little faggots have their hats on backwards.”

Now, you might think that we have done one of those things where, silly Wonket, you are getting all het up over a story from 2009, but it turns out that Mr. James has remained just as charming for the last four years, and now he is Displeasing The Internet after a new story about how he threw out a longtime customer who uses a wheelchair. The former customer, Matt Gard, says he was banned from the restaurant because he is disabled, but James claims it's because Gard was a troublemaker:

James said “He created an issue. You only have one time here. You create an issue, you’re out forever.”

It is sort of like a redneck Rashomon, it truly is! Who is in the right? We especially like that Mr. Gard, a customer at the restaurant "for years," had to be thrown out by Mr. James before he realized that it was not good to turn a blind eye to Mr. James's bigotry. First they came for the hat-wearing little faggots, and he said nothing because he was not a hat-wearing little faggot, we suppose.

Is there a video, so you can meet Mr. James and his down-home, old-fashioned good-old-boyness? Of course there is!

Doktor Zoom

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