There are many, many eateries in DC where you can get drinks. But there are not many eateries where you can get drinks --good drinks -- for just $1. And, let's face it, there's nothing better than enjoying a next-to-free-boozey-free-for-all in a semi-upscale restaurant, even if the restaurant is often filled with fanny pack-toting out-of-towners getting their drink on in preparation for a long day of intensive Segway touring.This next-to-free-boozey-free-for-all occurs during brunch at the restaurant Firefly, which is located next to/in Hotel Madera.

This is why the brunch is great:

  • Saturday is $3 Bloody Mary day.
  • Sunday is $1 mimosa day.

  • The pre-meal bread basket includes the gluttonous Jewish delicacy challah.
  • Said challah makes their french toast omfg(ood). The apple-raisin compote and maple syrup that come on top of the omfg(ood) french toast also contributes to this omfg(oodness).

  • Said omf(good) applies to most menu items, including the green eggs and ham as well as the Elvis sandwich, which features a kingly combination of peanut butter, bacon, banana, and maple honey on challah.

This is why the brunch is not so great:

  • Want just eggs and toast? Yeah, ordering something simple at Firefly, that's not possible. We're still trying to figure out what the hell a "petite banana" is and why it costs $3.
  • Above-mentioned bloody mary is over-spiced and not bloody enough.
  • Dining with tourists and their small children. But, cheap beverages! Cheap beverages and peanut butter infused with bacon make everything better. Right?

Big portions, cheap alcohol, bacon used in strange, unnecessary ways because that is cool and a menu that features items made with truffle oil. What's not to like? Though, we still prefer breakfast.

Firefly, 1310 New Hampshire Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20036, 202-861-1310


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