Check Out Today's Great Comedy Article In The Washington Post!

Check Out Today's Great Comedy Article In The Washington Post!

YOU SCOOPED US, WASHINGTON POST. We thought the same thing today! When Barack Obama reversed his decision to release photographic evidence of authorized-from-the-top, brutal, illegal detainee abuse that would have compelled the DoJ to prosecute people for crimes (MUST NEVER HAPPEN), we thought about how AWESOME this will be politically, just like that time Bill Clinton didn't care for a black rapper during a campaign and a few conservative voters mused, "Okay, well, as long as he hates the blacks too..."

But you, YOU published it first, David Ignatius:

Obama seems to have concluded that to achieve the right balance on controversial Bush-era issues such as interrogation -- summed up in the president’s frequent admonition that we need to look forward rather than backward -- he will have to disappoint some liberal supporters.


Is this a 'Sister Soulja' moment on national security, like bill [sic] Clinton’s famous criticism of a controversial rap singer during the 1992 presidential campaign -- which upset some liberal supporters but polished his credentials as a centrist? We’ll have to wait and see, but certainly military officers I spoke with this week were pleased -- even as the ACLU was indignant.

Ha ha ha! David Ignatius wrote, "Is this a 'Sister Soulja' moment on national security," ha ha, whoa, hey, whoaaaa...

(Our local newspaper is written by daywalking sociopaths!)

[Washington Post]


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