Uhhhhh .... - Wonkette

Hi, Governor Jim! How have you been? Oh, you went on a cruise with this guy, who now tells the FBI he saw you taking $100,000 in bribes from a Nevada contractor? Oh, you got the contractor tens of millions in federal contracts, when you were in Congress? That's great. And you guys all got loaded and put napkins on your head and ... what, pretended to be hip-hop stars or something? Did you yell out comical ebonics stuff, too?

That's great. Try to rape any waitresses in parking garages lately? How are those Mexicans in your basement? Keeping 'em down there doing your laundry to show how tough you are about the immigration, right? 'Kay, see you in federal prison real soon, scumbag!

FBI probes Nevada governor for corruption [MSNBC]


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