Checking In With George W. Bush's Very Last Fans

It's easy to look at Bush's approval ratings and say, "Well it's pretty clear that only the retarded would support him at this point." But it's even easier when you've got a new batch of George W. Bush fan letters to use as evidence. And it's super easy when the letters come with creepy MySpace profile pictures of the guys in their underwear.

Every now and then, we check up on Worst President Ever, a humble anti-Bush site that nonetheless still attracts the half-wit MySpace losers who never got a chance to take off the UNITED WE STAND bumper sticker before the Repo Man came a-callin'.

And now we'd like you to meet the latest Bush holdouts to make their opinions known to you elitist scumbags:

Meet, uh "RIGHTWING_KING." Well, don't meet him for chrissakes, but read his funny note:

oh christI would have to disagree. I don't blame you because you don't know any better. Your just uninformed is all. My suggestion would be to stop listening to sites like media matters. I didn't capitalize The first letter in thier name because they are not worthy.They allready Made your boy Harry Reid look like a fool, but he does a great job of that without help. My guess is it's your upbringing. Welfare baby would be my guess. You need the government to be your parents, to tell you how to live your life. I'm sorry I don't live that way.My hope would be for Fred Thompson to be our next president, Now thats a true conservative. It's apparent that your a dem. but thats ok, everbody can't be perfect.Allow me to give you some inconvenient truth. The government makes more money off a gallon of gas than the oil companies do. So how would you feel if the government taxed your product so high they were making more money off of it then you were.Then if that wasn't enough they come and tax your profits on top of hat. Then your beloved dems have the nerve to say they should tax them even more because they don't understand the difference between profit, and profit margin. And it's obvious you dems like higher taxes.Dems raise taxes and reps lower them. Now lets look at the war, as long as the terrorists are sending thier men to Iraq to die, they are not sending them over here to kill us. Why is that so difficult to understand.I'l tell you because your minds are stuck in stupid.The ecconomy is high, unemployment is low. And I don't see the first dem backing the FAIR TAX. READ THE BOOK. I would say do some research, and not on the liberal bush hater web sites like this one.I know I'm wasting my time. But thats ok also, because it proves one thing if nothing else. We are willing to try to inform you not just Bush bash. The difference between you and me is you named your site (The worst president ever). I on the other hand would have named it (Why a republican could do better).But again It's not your fault.It's that cradle to the grave mentality.The day you can put together an article the way this has been articulated then you be, well a republican. Don't think I'm some rich guy because you would be sadly mistaken.I am trailer trash, and proud of it. I've lived in a trailer my entire life.This country was founded on capitalism, not socialism. How do you think this country was able to become the superpower of the entire world in 400 years, and every other country has had thousands of years. We left england 400 years ago to get away from things like socialism, why on earth would you try to bring it back. I'll leave you with this to ponder,social healthcare will not work, and YOU CAN NOT TAX A COUNTRY INTO PROSPERITY. My bloodline is Canadian if you think I'm wrong just move over there for six months, and I promise you'll have a different outlook.


Oh hi biig daddy how are you, pretty good?There's more, but we've kind of had enough of him. Let's check out the interesting views of "Biig Daddy."


Hate Mail [Worst President Ever]


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