Cheer Up, Sleepy Jean!

  • Read this editorial from nine years ago and remember how awesome life was when gas cost ONE DOLLAR A GALLON. [Washington Post]
  • Charlie Crist: flip-flopping sellout, or able navigator of the rocky shoals between the Beach of Environmental Purity and the Offshore Oil Derrick of Despair? [Wall Street Journal]
  • Best part of this article: the disclosure that Bill Clinton has yet to get over his wife's losing the nomination. [New York Times]
  • North Korea agreed to disclose details on its nuclear program, and in exchange the U.S. State Department removed it from its list of state sponsors of terrorism. NK + US = BFF New York Times]
  • A Republican senator makes waves by releasing a re-election ad that says a couple nice things about Barack Obama. [Washington Post]
  • John McCain doesn't work weekends because he is too busy concocting dry rubs and visiting Saturday Night Live. [Politico]

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