Cheese Plates From Nice You Can Find On Etsy: Some Advantages Of Having A Cheese Board! Tabs, Thurs., March 25, 2021

Class War
Cheese Plates From Nice You Can Find On Etsy: Some Advantages Of Having A Cheese Board! Tabs, Thurs., March 25, 2021
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Class, we'll begin here.

Or if you prefer paragraph form (but really, the Tweet thread is even better): The Root.

Hoo boy, week-old story, but this Tacoma sheriff is a liar POS. (Seattle Times)

More anti-Chinese and anti-Japanese California laws than I even knew about! — Michael Hiltzik in the LA Times

Dude from The Bulwark watched the whole thing when Michele Bachmann's university (she is the government dean of Regent University? LOL) had a conference. THE WHOLE THING. (The Bulwark)

A five-year-old post on "gun control is easy" from "GOPLifer."

As for my untrammeled right to own any weapon I want with no accountability or regulation, that does not exist and has never existed. As for my right to hold weapons as a method of "defending" myself from my elected government, that does not exist and has never existed. It is not in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights and never has been found under any Constitutional interpretation we have ever used. Pack the Supreme Court with nine Scalia's and you still won't have those rights.

Such claims run counter to the any conservative notion of liberty. Where we are free, we are accountable. Freedom, as we like to say, is not free.

In more practical terms, if you actually believe that you're going to defend yourself from Obama with your cache of AR-15's and a cellar full of canned goods, there's little to discuss here. No weapon ever developed can shoot down the black helicopters that hover silently over your dreams. Private arsenals do not guarantee our freedom. The wise use of our political power and the protection of our basic institutions preserves liberty for ourselves and our children.

You will be shocked to learn "GOPLifer" is now "Political Orphan." Anyway, his answer is "registry," and it's pretty interesting.

Whew, thank God the NRA still has a reason to live!

Whew, thank God Senate Republicans know who is to blame for gun violence! (It is Black Lives Matter, duh.) — Mother Jones

How the tax code is biased against Black Americans. Fabulous interview with tax law professor and author Dorothy Brown. (Mother Jones)

Similarly, and fascinating, what we should know about inheritances. (Vox)

Okay, presumably everyone knows by now about dude who found the shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch. BUT DID YOU KNOW, the comedian who is married to Topanga from "Boy Meets World" (that is a sentence that makes sense to Elder Millennials) is actually a rap battler who was supposed to be the Next Eminem and was on the verge of YOOGE INTERSCOPE STARDOM, this is a fascinating review of his book Kanye West Owes Me $300.Old review from AV Club

Really phoning it in, writer: Whiskey and Coke Cocktail Recipe.

Oh my god new favorite website,!

If you consume cheese or food items with cheese on a daily basis, it's important for you to invest in the board where you are able to serve better. If you have guests over, having a dedicated cheese board will make a very memorable impression. When you step out in the market to choose one for yourself, you will find quite a range of options with different materials. The wooden board comes with multiple kinds of wood and you can find both, cheap as well as premium boards. A wooden board will also be a perfect fit for you to cut all types of cheese, even hard ones like Parmesan and Pecorino.

(Please note that all of the cheese boards they discuss, from Etsy, do not actually have links to anything, much less the cheese boards, on Etsy.) — "Cheese Plates From Nice You Can Find On Etsy: Some Advantages Of Having A Cheese Board"

Do your Amazon shopping through this link, because reasons.

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