Chelsea Clinton's So Smart & Boring

'It's nice to be on the receiving end of one' - WonketteHere's an insider's secret for staying "out of the spotlight" even when your parents are internationally known and highly-polarizing political figures who have already been president once and may well rule again, due to their name being either Bush or Clinton: Act like a professional adult by avoiding opportunities to appear drunk or doped up in front of the paparazzi.

That's the stunning lesson we learn from the life of 27-year-old Chelsea Clinton, who manages to live in Manhattan, work on Wall Street and be personally involved with political issues without attracting the attention of the tabloids. (She used to get drunk at bars like everybody else. What happened?)

Could it be that Americans don't have much interest in the inner workings of the global corporate economy? Is it possible that the public won't pay any attention to well-known rich people unless they're drunkenly crashing their luxury sedans and flashing their crotches to the world?

Chelsea Clinton avoiding mom's spotlight [Denver Post]


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