Cheney Booed, Pool Drunk

cheneypitch.jpgSome of you already noted the press presence at the Nationals game today -- here's a bit of the pool report from Cheney's first pitch duties at RFK:

Gorgeous day, 70 degrees with happy, red-capped turnout est at 25k. VPOTUS stepped out onto field dressed in khakis and a Nats bomber jacket to the sound of thunderous boos and catcalls, making Kerry' welcome at the Dem convention seem downright warm (spotted in the crowd: a t-shirt upon which someone had scrawled, 'don't shoot me dick.') Jeering may or may not have disrupted the veep's concentraton, but the pitch -- from about a yard in front of the mound -- was short, bouncing once before being reined in.

Still it is a wonder that the smell of frying meat alone didn't bring on another heart attack. Talk about last throes.

On the plus side: security rather, uhm, lax when it comes to plastic bladders of wine.

Plastic bladders of wine? No wonder REAL AMERICANS consider the press to be a buncha liberal pantywaist elites -- we're guessing the Veep's "bulky" Nats jacket concealed a hipflask of Beam and he recovered from the strenuous exertion required to get the ball halfway to the plate with the ol' "one beer at lunch" special.

Update/Clarification: This wasn't the real pool report. The real one was less interesting. This is from a slightly tipsy operative. Must we explain our every little joke?

Cheney Throws Out First Pitch in D.C. [AP via Yahoo]


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