Cheney Is Going To Go Ahead And Just Arrest All Britain's Terrorists For Them


The British are terribly, terribly cross with America's former Vice President Dick Cheney. The meddlesome Cheney somehow found himself all mixed up in counter-terrorism investigations over there! It seems he almost totally botched the UK's arrest of three British guys who were plotting to blow up seven airliners headed for North America. Specifically, Cheney tried to have them arrested before they even bought plane tickets on the planes they were going to bomb. Ha ha! It's cute, how anxious he is.

Cheney sent some henchman or robot called "Jose Rodriguez"—whom the Times, with rascally skepticism, describes as "a man called Jose Rodriguez"—to Pakistan to try to arrest Rashid Rauf, the guy who had hooked up the UK bombers with the Pakistani bomb-makers.

"We know that Tony Blair briefed George Bush on July 28, that he told them that the plot was hatching, but it wasn't quite ready yet," said Mr Clarke.

"Mr Bush didn't seem to commit anything to paper, but Vice President Cheney despatched a man called Jose Rodriguez to Pakistan in secret. The British didn't know he was there.

"And after Mr Rodriguez's arrival in Pakistan, Rashid Rauf was picked up. The British were hopping mad about that, because it meant that on August 10 they had no choice but to move in on this plot before all the evidence was as mature as possible.

Impossibly suspiciously, Rauf escaped (?) from the clutches of Jose Rodriguez's Pakistani attache. America apparently later killed Rauf "in a barrage of Hellfire missiles fired from a Predator drone at a bungalow," which sounds a lot more like justice than just arresting him anyway, so what is England even going on about?

[Times Online]


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