Cheney Now Dumping His Victims In Washington State

Coyote got your deer? - WonketteDistrict residents are still in shock over the dead deer left rotting for days on Dick Cheney's lawn, but now the animal-hating veep has apparently taken his peculiar savagery to the other Washington -- Washington state.

People in Tacoma were horrified Tuesday night when a "deceased fawn was dressed up like an infant and abandoned at the Pantages," according to police. The dead deer wore a sleeper suit and a bib imprinted with the slogan, "You think I'm cute? You should see my aunt."

Like the festering animal corpse on the Naval Observatory lawn, this baby deer had also been dead a while before it was taken away on Tuesday. "It's just bizarre," a Humane Society spokesman said.

Dressed up dead fawn left near theater [Tacoma News Tribune]

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