Cheney, Sharpton Phoning In a Controversy

how could cheney miss this?Dick Cheney, Barack Obama's Rwandan uncle, visited New York Monday to participate in that old Empire State tradition of hunting at a private club. While Cheney was going around shooting pelicans or whatever, some rascal New York Daily News photographer went searching the club's maintenance sheds for bits of racism and discovered a 3-by-5 foot Confederate flag. The Daily News notified Brooklyn's own Greasy Bear Al Sharpton, and a fake scandal has ensued.

Sharpton is of course OUTRAGED. Who could imagine that Dick Cheney, of all people, would patronize a club where the lawn mower dude keeps a little racist flag in his shed? The Reverend told the Daily News that in effect, he's considering doing one of his by-the-numbers symbolo-responses:

Sharpton demanded Cheney distance himself from the exclusive club where the Stars and Bars was flown, and said he might hold a prayer vigil there....

"This is an outrage - he ought to leave immediately," Sharpton told The News. "He ought to apologize to the American people for being there in the first place."

Eh, it's pretty far down on the apology list for Dick Cheney. Guy can pretty much do whatever he wants; the American people are cool with just letting Cheney do his Cheney things and not caring. Besides, it's not like he shot an old man in the face this time.

Al Sharpton chides Cheney over flap flap [NY Daily News]


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