Eatin' shit - WonketteIt's hard to fathom Cheney taking a fall for Bush, but we're hearing (obviously false) rumors that Cheney will step down as early as next week, if or when Bush returns from South America.

What makes the latest rumors a little more substantial than the usual web nonsense is that the Washington Post is now floating the idea -- in today's Jim Hoagland column -- that the Evildoer will step down to save Bush's last two years. And when the White House cheerleaders at the Post let something like this in the paper ....

So listen up, diplomats: However beleaguered, Cheney will not resign over the president's refusal to take his advice. The only force that could drive him to that dramatic step would be that unshakable sense of loyalty to Bush, who desperately now needs a vice president in stable physical, emotional and political health. That is the equation you want to be watching.
According to Hoagland, the administration is being bombarded by "Is he fucking crazy?" queries from our foreign allies.

UPDATE: NewsMax says the same thing.NewsMax. Of course, they have to throw in the ridiculous "Condi 4 Prez" neo-con Dungeons & Dragons fantasy, too.

'What Has Happened to Dick Cheney?' [Washington Post]


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