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Brian Stelter on Trump's psycho need to lie constantly, and the rightwing media that got him high on the supply, with these nice vignettes of their new pivot.

[Tucker] Carlson also claimed that Trump voters have been "redefined as domestic terrorists" in the past week. He straight up said he doesn't care about Trump: "What I care about are his voters."

Later in the evening, Laura Ingraham said impeachment was actually an attempt to "impeach the Americans who support his policies," which is obviously not true. One of her first guests, Ben Domenech, said that voting for impeachment was akin to telling Trump voters, "CNN's right about you." Later in the hour, guest Lara Logan imagined a new "war on terror" targeting Trump supporters.


We're about to have a whole lot more domestic terrorism, according to this leaked intel report, because Trump won't stop lying. (Washington Post)

Uh oh, QAnon, the Deep State is after you now :( — Nicholas Grossman at ArcDigital

Spencer Ackerman says the last thing we need is another terrorism law, because we have all the laws we need to prosecute terrorism and more investigatory abilities are always only used against the Left (with some good, interesting, and pertinent history). (Daily Beast) Bill Scher says actually, we really fucking don't have all the laws we need, we can't even say how many white power crimes there are, and we don't need to shit on the Constitution to make it against the law to materially aid a mass shooting. (Washington Monthly) Glenn Greenwald is beside himself getting to crow about "liberals' 9/11," because you wouldn't want him to have to actually acknowledge Donald Trump did something bad when he could yell at us instead. (No link) And I'm feeling pretty centrist about the whole thing and don't think it's the end of the world if drones hover over protests even if they are BLM protests, and if OvensLover69 is planning a synagogue shooting, I think the FBI should know about it.

Here's some fine patriotic Americans getting very large Bitcoin donations from dead French racists. The important part is at the end, discussing that law enforcement should be noting that they're probably better funded than we know. — Yahoo

Now I'm just mad that people even THINK there could be a case made under Brandenburg that Trump didn't "intend" to imminently incite violence. (IT WAS SO IMMINENT PEOPLE DIDN'T WAIT FOR HIM TO FINISH SPEAKING.) But the case here is that regardless, it's what he didn't say: He didn't say "stop it" for more than two hours while Congress was being hunted like ... well that movie the Right was so mad about, The Hunt.(Slate)

And Lindsey Graham being a little bitch about it, again, film at 11.

Breitbart story: Graham: Should we impeach Barack Obama because for 24 hours he never lifted a finger to help those people under siege in Benghazi?

No link, obviously, but just think about all the lies and bad faith packed into just one sentence. I totally remember when Obama told Ghost Osama bin Laden or whomever to go and fight the American embassy and then told him, "I love you, you're very special."

Republican Sen. Mike Rounds of South Dakota not saying we should charge Trump criminally, he's just saying that if we did, here's the citation. — MSNBC

Americans all like MONEY FOR MERICA PLS JOE BIDEN. (Data for Progress)

Which is good because Joe's MONEY FOR MERICA PLS JOE BIDEN bill does a WHOLE LOT OF STUFF! — CNN

Like a $15 minimum wage, for instance, which is why I guess he wants to pass it regular-styley instead of through reconciliation? No idea! Good luck to him on that!

Family Values @ Work Network emails:

"The proposed rescue package recognizes that those with the virus are often ill longer than two weeks. It will provide over 14 weeks of paid sick and family and medical leave to help parents with additional caregiving responsibilities when a child or loved one's school or care center is closed and for people who have or are caring for people with COVID-19 symptoms. Importantly, it will ensure paid time for people to get the vaccine.
"The proposal will also make the time more affordable by providing a maximum paid leave benefit of $1,400 per-week for eligible workers. This will mean full wage replacement to workers earning up to $73,000 annually, more than three-quarters of all workers.

Student debt cancellation and why the Education Department deputy general counsel who gave himself the vapors this week about OH MY STARS AND BARS, HOW ILLEGAL, relied solely on shit he pulled out of Antonin Scalia's ghost butt. — David Dayen at The American Prospect

The People of the State of the New York, as represented by state Attorney General Letitia James, sue the fuck out the NYPD, to end "the pervasive use of excessive force and false arrests by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) against New Yorkers in suppressing overwhelmingly peaceful protests." (Doozy of a Complaint)

World's Dumbest Man Award goes to PA Lt. Gov. John Fetterman's idiot vote frauder, the vote-fraud bounty for which Texas AG Ken Paxton still won't pay Fetterman the fuck up. This guy, who voted on behalf of his son, is very extraordinarily stupid — if only because he thinks we'll believe this horse shit — and his lawyer, who says the CRIME here is THESE CHARGES, is a real peach too. Don't miss this one, it's special. (Daily Local News)

And here's some reporting on the family separation policy and the 611 kids whose parents they still can't find. But it's okay, you guys, Rod Rosenstein has regrets.

"Since leaving the department, I have often asked myself what we should have done differently, and no issue has dominated my thinking more than the zero tolerance immigration policy. It was a failed policy that never should have been proposed or implemented. I wish we all had done better."

Yeah, I guess if I had separated nursing babies from their parents and handed them over to unrelated four-year-olds to care for and deported the parents and effectively orphaned the babies, I would have liked to "do better" too. Stop beating yourself up, Rod Rosenstein! Who hasn't genocided once in a while! — NBC News

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