Chicken-Barter Senate Candidate Lady Would Like To Address Her Idiocy, For A Moment


Your Wonkette kind of missed the on-ramp for this one, and then it became old news, but hey! That chicken lady running against Harry Reid!You know! Gal who says "give the doctor a chicken to pay for medical services" and gets into all sorts of hot poop! Well guess what, this idiot now wants to "set the record straight" and has gone to the Internet's most trusted forum for record-straightening, the POLITICO, where she writes, "The comment I made about bartering was not, and was never intended to be, a policy proposal. It was an example of how struggling families are working to pay for medical care in any way they can during these tough times." Exactly. Why hasn't Harry Reid even bothered to address affordable medical care for struggling families during his time in the Senate? Couldn't fit it on the agenda last year with all that "health care reform" gobbledyg... uh, nevermind. HARRY REID LIES! [POLITICO]


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