Children by the Millions Sing for Scooter Libby

scooterkids.jpgThe Smoking Gun has 30 pages of Scooter Libby mash notes from various Washington bigwigs, from Henry Kissinger to Peter Pace. It's also something of a rogues gallery of shamed former Bushies who've seen better days (Rummy! Feith! Wolfowitz!). Perhaps oddly, there's no message of support from Dick Cheney. We figured he'd be a shitty boss, but he won't even write a recommendation?

While we wait for the hate mail to roll in, everyone enjoy the work of Mary Matalin and her lovable scamp husband James Carville. They urge leniency in Scooter's sentencing because, like Gamera, Scooter Libby is a friend to all children.

Scooter Libby Love Letters [TSG]


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