'Chinese Inflation' Is The Name Of The Next GnR Album

  • Bill Clinton left the hospital today, leaving all of America to wonder: will Chris Matthews devote all 60 minutes of Hardball today to this very exciting new development? [Reuters]
  • According to President Obama's economic sages, it will only take five more years for unemployment to return to acceptable levels. [New York Times]
  • In order to get "bipartisan" support for the jobs bill, Harry Reid concocted a bill that both sides despise equally. [Fox News]
  • China is worried about inflation for the first time since the Ming Dynasty. [New York Times]
  • Patrick Kennedy, foe of Jersey barriers and friend to all Rhode Islanders, will retire from Congress after a mere 8 terms -- a feat of quittership that is causing his father, David Denby, to roll in his grave. [Washington Post]
  • The California health insurance provider that raised individual rates by as much as 39 percent said that this was because medical costs were so high and none of the healthy people want to be insured anymore. Mysteriously, this affliction seems not to have spread to other insurers. [Los Angeles Times]

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