CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: Chuck Norris Says Jan Brewer Is 'Tougher' Than Him

DON'T CHEAT! You can't flip back after!"Meanwhile back at the farm, or on the border, lone ranger Gov. Brewer commendably and courageously continues to lead a battalion of border-protection officials, on the one hand fighting the feds with state politicians and attorneys, and on the other hand fighting illegals with border agents, sheriffs and other law enforcement. What a job, huh? Does anyone think she endures those hardships merely for a paycheck? Hardly. Rather, that's pure, unadulterated patriotism." Click here to read the rest of this dumb Chuck Norris editorial. Click here to be disappointed that Antonin Scalia wasn't hurt after he tripped and fell on the pavement in Rhode Island yesterday. Click here to see Justin Bieber get hit in the head by a flying water bottle. [WND/Daily Intel/YouTube]

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