Chris Christie Illegally Pirated This Monty Python Sketch For His Teevee Ad

Chris Christie Illegally Pirated This Monty Python Sketch For His Teevee Ad

The publicly fat Chris Christie, a licensed lawyer, saw zero problem with taking a Monty Python sketch essentially in its entirety, editing in some choice Jon Corzine-is-awful-themed WordArt on the bottom of the screen, and airing it on national television without clearing it by the Monty Python people. Now Terry Jones and Michael Palin are making fun of Chris Christie for being such an idiot, which is infinitely more amusing than whenever Corzine bitchily alludes to Christie's deep-fried inadequacies.

Reports the Huffington Post:

Alerted to the theft of their copyright, members of Monty Python are most unhappy. Michael Palin, who appears in the clip pirated for the advert, is especially displeased that his likeness is being used by the Republican candidate without permission.

"I'm surprised that a former U.S. Attorney isn't aware of his copyright infringement when he uses our material without permission. He's clearly made a terrible mistake. It was the endorsement of Sarah Palin he was after -- not that of Michael Palin."

Monty Python's Terry Jones says that the troupe is strongly considering suing the Republican for his copyright infringement:

"It is totally outrageous that a former US Attorney knows so little about the law that he thinks he can rip off people. On the other hand -- another of Bush's legal appointees was Alberto Gonzales and he didn't seem to know much about the law either...," Jones said.

The ad was pulled basically immediately, but it's still available on HuffPost. Chris Christie's 30 second political spot is not even good as Fawlty Towers, and for this he should be ashamed.



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