Chris Christie Responds To Rampant Speculation He Is 'Hot and Sexy'


"Wanta dah moolee-rah, Han Solo," the Hutt said. Meanwhile, while you are transfixed by the thought of take a magic sex bus journey into those undulating folds, Chris Christie is telling lies so he too can screw the union workers of his state.

New Jersey’s public-sector unions routinely pressure the State Legislature to give them what they fail to win in contract talks. Most government workers pay nothing for health insurance. Concessions by school employees would have prevented any cuts in school programs last year.

Statements like those are at the core of Gov. Chris Christie’s campaign to cut state spending by getting tougher on unions. They are not, however, accurate.

Facts are not important. Getting YouTube viewers is what's important. Does anyone know where that teenager who makes the "Fred" videos lives? Chris Christie's brawny slime-creature henchmen are going to deliver him a "message." [Star-Ledger/NYT via The Awl]


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