Chris Christie To Explain Why He Really Didn't Murder His Enemy...This Time

Chris Christie To Explain Why He Really Didn't Murder His Enemy...This Time

Oh, hey, hurry up and turn on the teeveeright now to catch Chris Christie's big press conference in which he takes full responsibility for blames subordinates for all that George Washington Bridge unpleasantness. And you might also want to take a gander at this New York Times piece about all the nastiness that has happened to people who have gotten in the way of the New Jersey governor. You may be completely astonished to learn that in addition to yelling at people a lot, Christie has a long history of petty revenge against his perceived enemies -- who woulda thought!

Here are some Christie Fun Times, for example!

In 2011, Mr. Christie held a news conference where he accused State Senator Richard J. Codey of being “combative and difficult” in blocking two nominees. Mr. Codey, a Democrat who had served as governor following the resignation of James E. McGreevey, responded that he had not only signed off on the nominations, but had held a meeting to try to hurry them along.

Three days later, Mr. Codey was walking out of an event in Newark when he got a call from the state police superintendent informing him that he would no longer be afforded the trooper who accompanied him to occasional public events — a courtesy granted all former governors. That same day, his cousin, who had been appointed by Mr. McGreevey to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, was fired, as was a close friend and former deputy chief of staff who was then working in the state Office of Consumer Affairs.

And then he sicced 120 dogs on Codey's ex-girlfriend, and everybody in her band. Nothing personal, it's just politics. You understand.

And then there's the completely reasonable treatment of State Senator Sean T. Kean, a Republican who had the temerity to criticize Christie's handling of a blizzard in in 2010. Kean's completely outrageous, over the top attack on Christie was to say that the "one mistake" that the governor (and the state Senate president) made was in not calling sooner for a state of emergency, which could have kept more people from driving during the storm.

Mr. Christie was smarting from criticism that he had remained at Disney World during the storm. When he returned, he held his first news conference in Mr. Kean’s home district. Shortly before, a member of the governor’s staff called Mr. Kean and warned him not to show up. His seat was eliminated in redistricting the following year.

Mr. Kean, now in the Assembly, declined to comment. At the time, an anonymous administration official told The Star-Ledger that Mr. Kean got what he deserved.

So with a record like that, it pretty much stands to reason that Christie learned his lesson about overreacting and would never ever dream of closing a major transportation artery to punish a Democratic mayor who failed to endorse him for an election that was already in the bag. For heaven's sake, if he'd done that, it would almost look like a pattern or something.

Yr Wonkette will follow up Gov. Christie's news conference, also too! Remember, take a drink whenever you hear network commentators say "Get out of the way! Get out of the way! It's burning, bursting into flames and it's -- and it's falling... Oh, the humanity!"


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