Chris Cillizza Knows Who To Blame For Jim Jordan's And Kevin McCarthy's Actions, It Is Nancy Pelosi

Chris Cillizza Knows Who To Blame For Jim Jordan's And Kevin McCarthy's Actions, It Is Nancy Pelosi

If you were a political pundit who believed the party clearlyin the wrong in yesterday's events — when Nancy Pelosi told House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy that two of the members he picked for the House panel to investigate January 6 were unacceptable, because of how it was pretty clear they either didn't take the commission seriously or were on the side of the terrorists, leading Kevin McCarthy to say if his seditionists couldn't be on the commission, NO REPUBLICANS (except Liz Cheney) would be part of the commission — if you were a political pundit who believed the bad actor here was Nancy Pelosi, you might be ... well, you might be the world's stupidest political pundit in American history, Chris Cillizza.

Let's read the "analysis" Chris Cillizza is getting paid more than you get paid to provide on this topic he knows nothing about:

If you ever held any hope that the House select committee on the January 6 US Capitol riot might produce a report that would help us understand what happened in the lead-up to that day and, in so doing, provide us avenues to keeping it from happening again, you should give up on those hopes now.

The reason? Speaker Nancy Pelosi's decision Wednesday to reject two of the five nominees — Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana — put forward by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to serve on the panel.

Yep, it's Nancy Pelosi's fault Jim Jordan and Jim Banks are rank seditionists — and as Liz Cheney noted yesterday, that Jordan is a potential material witness to the terrorist attack on the Capitol — and it's Nancy Pelosi's fault Kevin McCarthy picked him. Why Nancy Pelosi gotta be so bad at everything?

Cillizza says Nancy Pelosi said people's past votes wouldn't preclude them from serving on the committee, but Cillizza doesn't believe her, because Jim Banks and Jim Jordan both voted against certifying the election. Cillizza notes that Republican Congressman Troy Nehls, whom Pelosi is apparently fine with, also voted against certifying the election, but that gaping hole in his logic doesn't bother him, he just says "no matter" why Pelosi made this bad decision it is a bad decision and it is her fault:

No matter Pelosi's reasoning, her decision to reject Jordan and Banks, the two most high-profile Republicans put forward by McCarthy, dooms even the possibility of the committee being perceived as bipartisan or its eventual findings being seen as independent.

One might suggest that if the goal was bipartisanship that Kevin McCarthy might have tried to pick members who weren't rank seditionists, but then that would make it Kevin McCarthy's fault, and Chris Cillizza wants it to be Nancy Pelosi's fault. Better to have Jim Jordan screaming about how antifa was the real Capitol attackers, to preserve that good old bipartisan feeling.

Pelosi and her Democratic defenders will cast the decision as the only one she really had available to her after McCarthy made his picks known earlier this week.

But don't worry, Chris Cillizza will shit on Nancy Pelosi if nobody else is willing to do it.

And it's beyond debate that McCarthy's choices — especially Banks and Jordan — were aimed at turning the committee into something of a circus. Both men would have, at every turn, sought to turn the tables on Democrats — using the platform provided by the committee to push debunked claims about Antifa's involvement in the Capitol riot, questioning Democratic leadership's readiness for just such an attack and trying to broaden the committee's mandate to cover the Black Lives Matter protests of summer 2020.

BUT he'd still rather shit on Nancy Pelosi.

Knowing this, Pelosi's move is rightly understood as robbing Republicans of that platform. But it also dooms the committee — before it even holds a single hearing or meeting.

Because predictably, in the immediate aftermath of Pelosi's announcement, McCarthy said he was pulling all five of his nominees to the committee.

Kevin McCarthy's tantrum is Nancy Pelosi's fault.

You can be sure every Republican will use Pelosi's rejection of their nominees as evidence that she doesn't want the, uh, truth to come out.

This isn't true, of course.

But that doesn't mean it can't be the thesis for Chris Cillizza's post about it.

In summary and in conclusion, Nancy Pelosi probably has an email account, and if Chris Cillizza finds out he's gonna tell us about it.


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