Chris Dodd Has A Great New Terrible Idea For Health Care!

Chris Dodd Has A Great New Terrible Idea For Health Care!

Well, it's "new" and "terrible" at least, which is why one should assume America's beloved Democrats will runwith it: "A top Senate Democrat on Friday suggested lawmakers 'take a breather for a month, six weeks' from healthcare reform. Sen. Chris Dodd (Conn.) told reporters the much-needed break would allow lawmakers to focus on other issues before the chamber, the AP first reported." Jesus, they are just dying to run away from this thing, aren't they?

These freaking people. No one will be able to "focus on other issues" until they resolve this. It's nice that Barry wants to revamp his image and listen to Paul Volcker about breaking up or restricting the size of banks. It's nice that he's in Ohio right now saying blue collar words like "jobs" and "a bill for jobs." Maybe he'll even fire Tim Geithner, which would really be an easy, popular thing for him to do.

But did you notice how his announcement yesterday that he wishes to BREAK APART THE BIGGEST WALL STREET FIRMS, something that (a) WOULD ROCK OUR SOCKS! but (b) has about a -2% chance of succeeding because (c) it would involve Congress which (d) is the worst institution in the history of the universe, was greeted with no one giving a shit about it because they're focused on health care still? If he actually wants to "take on the Fat Cats" in a meaningful way, that's going to require some serious message discipline, day in and day out, until one or more chambers of Congress randomly declares it dead five seconds before a final vote that's ensured for passage.

The point is Chris Dodd is wrong because why ignore it for six weeks, JESUS. What should this guy care anyway? He'll be on a warm, Connecticut beach slappin' asses this time next year.

Dodd: Time to take a 'breather' on health care [The Hill]


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