Chris Dodd Has Zero Interest In Being Congress' Honorary Requisite Kennedy


  • Tonight is Big Health Care Speech Night. History's least cohesive gang, the Gang of Six, has until 10 am this morning to come up with ways to improve the bill and then it will be SET IN STONE until it is killed completely. [Washington Post]
  • Yesterday the value of America's currency, the dollar, hit a yearly low. There are many complicated numerical and Chinese reasons for this. [HuffPost]
  • The UN will be investigating allegations of fraud in Afghanistan's recent fraudulent presidential election. [Guardian]
  • China will soon be home to the world's largest solar power plant. It will be able to power 3 million Chinese households, roughly the equivalent one high-rise apartment building in Beijing. [Reuters]
  • Chris Dodd will not be America's newest Kennedy, as he has chosen to keep doing the Banking Committee thing and not fill-in for Ted Kennedy full-time on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions panel. [Politico]

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