Chris Dodd Is Taking Requests

Livin' in the Senate, it'll eat out your heart - WonketteSome guy named Chris Dodd (he's a member of some sort of legislating body?) is running for President. His website is very "connected" and "with it" what with the links to the Facebook and the MySpace and the Flickr, and one of its features is a regularly-updated playlist of music Dodd has been listening to recently. It's called (and it pains us to type this, it really does) "DoddPod." Dodd's playlists are chock-full of early-'70s MOR radio staples (Fogerty, Browne, Lennon), but he has set up a little form where his friends and supporters can suggest new tracks to add to his DoddPod. Which we were more than happy to do.


DoddPod []


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