Chris Matthews Can't Seem To Make Up His Mind

Ok, our buddy/tablemate Brian Montopoli pointed this out in the earlier-linked MRC dinner post, but Chris Matthews can't catch a break. The reactionary conservatives at the MRC hate him. The whiny bleeding-heart ideologues with poor hygiene at Media Matters hate him. And we think it's getting to him. How else to explain this (from aforementioned bleeding-heart etc. etc.)?

Hardball, March 29:

MATTHEWS: Welcome back to Hardball. We just heard from Virginia Senator George Allen. He's a conservative Republican who is up for re-election this year and is testing the waters for a presidential bid in 2008. I say he's running, I say he's one of the two top guys to watch, he and McCain.

Hardball, March 30:

MATTHEWS: Do you ever think about the Republicans? Let's take a look at one who --

ROSEN: I think George Allen and [former Massachusetts Gov.] Mitt Romney are making some progress.

MATTHEWS: No, I think George Allen might be a stretch.

Uh, Chris? Eventful night in between or what? Our guesses:

* Chris is losing his mind (Ahem)

* Chris gained nearly transparent knowledge of George Allen's soul -- and it wasn't the soul of a winner.

Matthews flip-flop on Sen. Allen's presidential chances [MMFA]

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