Chris Matthews, Vocal Coach

Chris Matthews speculates on why Hillary was not given a more prominent speaking slot at the convention, and comes up with an ingenious theory: Concern for animal welfare.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Men—and I‘ve known this—I‘ve been trying to stop—tend to shout when they‘re on television or at public events.  And they get away with it. . . "The McLaughlin Group" is like that.  The men yell.  When Eleanor yells, it sounds high-pitched.  Is that just a problem for Hillary, because I‘ve seen so many women in politics, like Barbara Boxer, who in person have moderated, wonderful tones. They‘re very charming in their presentation.


CHRIS MATTHEWS:  They get behind a microphone and they start to yell.  It doesn‘t work. 

MOLLY IVINS:  Well, not all of us have those high, shrill voices, Chris. 

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Well, you‘re giving me the, what, Raymond Burr now? You know what I‘m talking about. 


CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Hillary Clinton can squeal right so the dogs are going crazy, OK?  Right?

Hardball with Chris Matthews for July 14 [MSNBC]

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