Christian Biologist Fired For General Hatred of Biology

why it's a zebrafishThe culture wars (War on Cultures?) took an aquatic turn today as a Christian marine biologist sued his former employer, who the biologist claims fired him for refusing to accept evolution. Nathaniel Abraham, like most good scientists, is a Creationist, and as Reuters tells us, "Creationists such as Abraham believe God made the world in six days, as the Bible's Book of Genesis says."

Nathaniel Abraham, a "zebrafish specialist," said in a lawsuit filed Monday against Massachusetts' Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution that "he was fired in 2004 because he would not accept evolution as scientific fact," and now he's seeking 500,000 Jesus Dollars.

Abraham, when not staring at zebrafish (see photo), likes to spend his time being a dumbshit:

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination dismissed the case this year, saying Abraham's request not to work on evolutionary aspects of research would be difficult for Woods Hole because its work is based on evolutionary theories.

Abraham said this condition was never spelled out in the advertisement for the job and that his dismissal led to severe economic losses, an injured reputation, emotional pain and suffering and mental anguish.

This is kind of like Ron Paul wanting to be president even though he doesn't believe in government.

Christian biologist fired for beliefs, suit says [Reuters/Yahoo News]


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