Christian Lawyer Mat Staver Scared Vaccines Will Keep Us From Having Babies

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Christian Lawyer Mat Staver Scared Vaccines Will Keep Us From Having Babies

While Matt Walsh is worrying about white genocide, Christian lawyer Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel is worried about everyone genocide.

Staver — whom you may remember as the lawyer for world-famous homophobe Kim Davis — has taken some time off during the pandemic from yelling about gay people to yelling about vaccines, which he obviously hates because crank magnetism. He's latched onto one of the kookier theories, which is that the vaccines are meant to be a mechanism for both social control and depopulation, and that they are screwing up the menstrual cycles of not only those who have taken the vaccine, but those who have simply been in close proximity to the vaccinated.

Long story short — Staver, and those who buy this nonsense think that because normal human beings understand that a massive increase in the population would be bad for the planet, that Bill Gates, a person who cares about the planet in some capacity, wants to depopulate the earth and sterilize people so they can't have any babies. He also wants a way to be able to track the populace and has no other more convenient means of doing that, other than through a vaccine with a microchip in it. Couldn't possibly do that with a thing people maybe carry with them all of the time.

In response to a question someone had about why, if the vaccines were meant to sterilize and/or kill people, people like Bill Gates and others in power had taken them, Staver explained that Gates, like a bunch of other people that are long dead, is a eugenicist. And he's not sure Gates even got the vaccine, anyway.

Via Right Wing Watch:

"If vaccines are supposed to make you more healthy, and you want to reduce population by 10 to 15 percent—which is going to be 700 million to a billion people on the planet, [Gates] wants to do that right away; about a billion people on the planet he wants to reduce and wipe off the planet now," Staver continued. "You have to ask yourself how you're going to do that. And if vaccines actually make you live longer, why would you then say people need vaccines? Well, it's because they know that when they inject them, they can put things in your body that ultimately affect your reproduction."

So why are we not all dead yet? Is there some kind of timing mechanism in them? Like once enough people get the vaccine, then they'll trigger something and we'll all die? If so, then you'd think it would kick in now, given that we have vaccinated 1.8 billion people, which is over a billion more than Staver seems to think we'll need to mass murder.

I have so many questions!

"The vaccines go to certain concentrated places," he claimed. "It has very high concentration in the ovaries. What we're seeing with women is missed menstrual cycles, two menstrual cycles a month, heavy bleeding, painful menstrual cycles. We're even seeing that with people, by the way, who haven't gotten the shot but have been in close proximity to those who have the shot. Start asking women in your reaches—it may be a sensitive situation, but just ask them: Have you experienced, after being in close contact with somebody who's had the shot, have you experienced any rashes? Just ask them two questions: rashes or bleeding? And I can guarantee you [that] you will be surprised at how many women will come back and say, 'Oh my—that's why my monthly cycle is all messed up.'"

"What it's doing is it's affecting the reproductive systems," Staver added. "And it goes to the testes as well. And it's affecting both men and women in terms of their ability, or rather their inability, to later procreate. So, one: It's killing people. Two: it's going to prevent people from procreating. So, I will guarantee you that in a few years, when somebody does a study, they're going to say, 'I wonder why the population reproduction rate has plummeted?' And whether they're going to connect it to this or not, I don't know. But this is their insidious plan."

So it both kills us immediately and makes us sterile? This is quite the product. Especially if it also contains a tracking device.

While there have been reports of women saying their menstrual cycle has been messed up, there are a lot of reasons why that might be the case other than "insidious plan to sterilize the populace" — and stress is one of them. It's a pretty stressful time, so that would make sense.

I also maintain that it's odd that they would go with a "vaccine" in order to enact these plans, given the fact that people have been weird about vaccines for some time now. If it's mostly Democrats taking the vaccine, which we all knew it would be, wouldn't that be bad for these people and their insidious plans? Like, if we all die and then they're stuck with a bunch of wacky anti-vaxxer Qanon idiots? I don't think they'd like that much at all. If I were trying to kill or control conservatives and conspiratorial types, I would put my sterilizing/mind control drugs into something they'd actually consume — like snake oil vitamins or that Magical Miracle Bleach or horse dewormer. It really wouldn't be all that hard. Strange that this would not occur to Bill Gates or anyone around him.

But let's say this is all true and that the pharmaceutical industry has actually perfected a completely painless and non-invasive method of permanent birth control and instead of marketing the shit out of that to people who would otherwise have to get a tubal ligation or a vasectomy, they are giving it out for free to everyone by pretending that it's a vaccine for a deadly virus? Really? And it's because they want to "depopulate" the world? Why? Who would they sell pharmaceuticals to if there weren't any people? What would their end game possibly be?

Given that this is very stupid, you probably have questions as well. Go ahead and ask them, because this is your open thread!


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