Christian Man Driven By 'Righteous Anger' To Berate Women For Wearing Bathing Suits At The Beach


This week, a very holy man went viral on TikTok after he was filmed lecturing a group of women for wearing bathing suits in public. Were they in a church? No. At a funeral? No. In a business meeting? No. They were at the beach, a place where most people would not be surprised to see a group of women sitting around wearing bathing suits. In fact, most people probably even expect that when they go to a public beach, in the United States, they will see women wearing bathing suits.

But not Logan Dorn.

Dorn walked right up to these hussies and asked them, "Why do you dress this way?" to which one of them responded, "I'm hot and I like women, so please leave us alone." Rather than doing just that, Dorn continued to lecture them, saying, "That's a thong and that's a bra. Take young eyes into consideration, they don't need to see pornography." The women informed Dorn that they were not bothering him and, again, encouraged him to go away, to which he said, "You're flaunting your stuff!" One woman, sensing Dorn's religiosity, suggested that he gouge out his eye out if she bothers him.

Dorn explained that he doesn't have to do that because there is "free will" in America, though apparently not for women, and "freedom of speech," which means that women have to listen to him. "If men of God don't stand up, then our society's gonna go down the drain because there's no morality," he said, leading the women to tell him that they are atheists and do not believe in God.

After several minutes of Dorn ranting about why it was bad for them to wear bathing suits at the beach, the women suggested to Dorn that he go lecture a shirtless man wearing a bathing suit, but he said "That's a lot different." Of course it is.


Part 1##harrassement #feminism #fuckmen


Part 1##harrassement #feminism #fuckmen

In the second part, Dorn continues to berate the women, who continue to tell him to go the fuck away.

Towards the end of the video, a woman who is apparently with Dorn and also wearing a bathing suit (though apparently not a "pornographic" bathing suit), joins him and lectures the girls about swearing in front of her kids and tells them that they don't respect themselves, due to the kind of bathing suits they are wearing.

Dorn responded to the viral video with his own video explaining his bullshit, which is somehow even worse than the original lecture. He says that he came out of the water and saw that his family members were getting ready to move their things, explaining to him that they had to move because there were college-age women who were "showing too much" and he just felt a "righteous anger" come over him and a "boldness by the holy spirit to go and confront these ladies to speak truth that 'Hey, what you're wearing is not okay for a nine-year-old boy or a six-year-old boy.'"


The truth will set you free.. ♥️✝️ #jesus #jesuslovesyou #truth #truthwillsetyoufree #godlovesyou #fathersonholyspirit #revival #repent #jesusiscoming

His family members had the right idea. If you don't like seeing women wearing bathing suits, if you don't want your children to see women wearing bathing suits, don't go to the beach or don't take your kids to the beach, or leave the area of the beach where all the heathen Jezebels are.

Dorn claims in the video to have been introduced to pornography at a young age and "it destroyed me." Which seems like another him problem. He is also very sure that this whole thing will be a problem when the young women he lectured "come face to face with God," who will surely demand an explanation for what they were doing wearing bathing suits at the beach that one time back in 2021.

Dorn also goes on quite a bit about "truth," which really is a hell of a thing to call your weird, misogynistic beliefs about what women who don't follow your religion are allowed to wear at the beach.

UPDATE: Logan Dorn has been fired from his job at "Mighty Hand Construction," which does not condone the harassing of women trying to enjoy a nice day out at the beach.


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