Christian Preacher Very Concerned About Demon-Possessed Joe Biden And His Sex-Trafficking Tunnels

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Christian Preacher Very Concerned About Demon-Possessed Joe Biden And His Sex-Trafficking Tunnels

Pastor Greg Locke has not been having an easy time of things lately. After the 2020 election, he used his no-doubt considerable prophetic abilities to predict that Donald Trump would "100 percent remain president of the United States for another term." But he was wrong and Trump is instead zero percent the president of the United States. Then, he found himself getting some bad publicity after a congregant who believed his assertions that COVID was fake and the vaccines were evil ended up dying of COVID, which he was not very happy about.

So the guy is kind of on edge, we imagine. Perhaps that is why he spent part of his sermon this Sunday delivering an incredibly well-reasoned argument about how there are tunnels under the Capitol and the White House that are used for child sex trafficking, and that Joe Biden is an evil, demon-possessed pedophile, who "ain't no better than the Pope and Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks." Yes, that is what he said.

He said:

LOCKE: God's about to bring the whole house down, ladies and gentlemen. These bunch of sex-trafficking mongrels are about to be exposed! These bunch of pedophiles in Hollywood are gonna be exposed for who they are! I don't care what you think about Fraudulent Sleepy Joe, he's a sex-trafficking, demon-possessed mongrel! He's of the left! He ain't no better than the Pope and Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks and the rest of that wicked crowd. God is gonna bring the whole house down, I said he's gonna bring the whole house down, he's gonna burn the whole thing to ground, he's gonna expose these bunch of pedophiles.

I'm telling you, he's gonna expose Kamala Harris for the Jezebel demon that she is. [...]

I don't know why pastors don't talk about this stuff. Well I do, they don't want to seem "crazy." I'M ALREADY CRAZY!

People are like, "Do you really think it's that much of an epidemic? Do you honestly believe, Pastor Locke, that the military uncovered tunnels beneath the Capitol building and beneath the White House, and in the five fingered lakes? Do you really believe that they found kids?"

Yeah! Both live ones and dead ones, and if you disagree with that, and if you try to discount that, and if you try to cover that, and if you try to keep that on the DL, you're just as complicit as Hunter Biden and the rest of them bunch of crack-smoking perverts.

Always with the tunnels, these people! McMartin, the mole children, whatever the hell this shit is. They've always got tunnels involved. Thematically it makes sense, I guess, but logistically it does not.

First of all, it would not really be possible to dig tunnels like that without anyone ever noticing that you were doing that, particularly if you were to make them sturdy enough to hold up and not cave in on people. Second, is the theory here that there are just bands of children being walked from pedophile to pedophile underneath these tunnels and all the pedophiles have like, stops connecting their homes to these tunnels? Because that is very inefficient. It would take a super long time, given their tiny legs. And what happens when people move?

Also, if it's all these power players involved in these sex-trafficking rings, why don't they come up with something better than tunnels, which do not seem like a very good idea at all? Oprah is a very smart lady, and in fact to blame for spreading a whole lot of the Satanic Panic bullshit of the 1980s and 1990s where many of these ideas first came about. I would think she, at least, would come up with a better system.

Is Locke suggesting that the children just live in the tunnels under the White House with their dead friends and don't go anywhere? If so, why didn't his big hero Donald Trump do anything about this? How did the children underneath the White House survive without anyone feeding them?

How is this for some Alanis-style irony, though? This whole sermon is available on YouTube, but Right Wing Watch — which simply shares clips of this nonsense, adding disclaimers every time that the content does not reflect their views but rather that they are presenting this stuff to educate people about the right wing — is not anymore. Right Wing Watch has been officially banned from YouTube, while many of the hate preachers and right-wing assholes they call attention to get to remain.

YouTube also deleted everything from the Right Wing Watch channel, meaning thousands of clips highlighting right-wing batshittery are now also erased. We all know why this is, and it is because purveyors of right-wing batshittery hate Right Wing Watch, just like they hate Media Matters, because they don't like it when the left lies about them by quoting them word-for-word and showing clips of what they say. Therefore, devotees constantly flag videos meant to criticize and expose extremism and conspiracy theories.

However, we would have to assume that YouTube knows what Right Wing Watch is, as it's a relatively well-known website, so it is entirely possible YouTube is just doing this to avoid Republicans whining to them about supposed "bias."

UPDATE: YouTube has reinstated RightWingWatch's account, claiming the whole thing happened by mistake. A likely story!



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