Christine O'Donnell Calls Piers Morgan 'Rewd,' Storms Out of Interview


Touchy grifter dingbat Christine O'Donnell went on CNN to blather a bunch of Tea Party garbage nobody is interested in hearing from a person who is chiefly famous for masturbating and flip-flopping her stance on magic. CNN host Piers Morgan indulges her fantasy briefly until probably falling asleep on air and then finally asks, oh whatever, can you talk to us about sex or something? How about the gays? How do you feel about teh gayz? NOT COOL, you are supposed to ask me about economic policy, Christine says. Fine, Piers Morgan responds, how about brooms or dildos? It pretty much all goes "downhill/uphill for comedy" from there until Christine storms out. What are some other fun moments?


O’Donnell began to express discomfort when Morgan turned the conversation to her previous comments on sexual abstinence from a 1996 interview she gave to MTV. At the time, O’Donnell was an advocate for abstinence and had founded a pro-abstinence group. She also discouraged masturbation.

When Morgan asked her if she still held those views, O’Donnell said she was a practicing Catholic and supports what the Church teaches but would not do the same MTV interview today.

Morgan pressed her again, asking if she was still a supporter of abstinence.

“Are you the pro-masturbation talk show host?” O’Donnell asked, jokingly.

“Why, yes,” Morgan replied in jest.

And this is how every Christine O'Donnell interview will read forever and ever from now on. [CNN]


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