Christine O'Donnell Doesn't Believe In Premarital National Teevee Intercourse


Sexy Delaware sorceress Christine O'Donnell went on Sean Hannity's teevee program to announce that although she's been a promiscuous media whore her entire life, Jesus told her just yesterday that national teevee interviews are sinful and lusty. Perhaps one day Christine O'Donnell will return to television, to give an interview to her wizard-groom, thus consummating their marriage in the eyes of Satan. Until then, let's jism all over this hott Christine O'Donnell Fox News vid!

Christine O'Donnell told Hannity "I'm not going to do any more national media because this is my focus: Delaware is my focus, and the local media is my focus." And also that she is a victim of vicious Swiftboating. These claims only make her stronger, and, strangely, more sexual. [YouTube/WaPo]


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