Christlike Man Charged With Hate Crime, Surprise It's About A Drag Brunch

Christlike Man Charged With Hate Crime, Surprise It's About A Drag Brunch

An Illinois man has been charged with two class 4 felonies — one hate crime charge, one criminal damage to property charge — after he allegedly vandalized a bakery that was set to host a kid-friendly drag brunch, breaking windows and spray painting “Groomers,” “F–s rape kids,” and “Christ is King" on the building.

Bond has been set for Joseph Collins, 24, at $10,000, though he is only required to post 10 percent of that in order to stay out of jail. Prison, however, will be another story, as he faces one to three years for each count. He could literally spend the rest of his 20s in prison because he couldn't restrain himself from being a gross bigot.

The UpRising Bakery in Lake in the Hills, Illinois, had reportedly been receiving in-person and online threats from angry homophobes all week. As a result, it will reschedule the sold-out event.

“We did not want to back down from bullies, but absolutely cannot in good conscience continue with tomorrow's plans,” the bakery wrote in a Facebook post announcing it had canceled the event and would remain closed Saturday.

But on Sunday it opened again, writing, "The clouds of this storm are clearing this morning and we will reopen today with limited services and staff. Hate has no home here. Love and light live here. We live here. This is our home. this is our town. this is our county. this is our fight. we’re not turning our backs or backing down now. Zero tolerance for fuckery today and everyday."

This is terrorism, plain and simple. The purpose of these crimes is to scare people into being too afraid to host these events, for fear that some creep like Joseph Collins will come and smash up their place of business. What they want, ultimately, is to bar parents frpm making decisions regarding what is and is not appropriate for their own children, perhaps because they are scared their own children will be ostracized for their bigoted views, or will reject those views and also their parents.

The fact is, the Right doesn't really have anything else. They have no policies, they support nothing that would actually help anyone, and the only things they ever have to be mad about are things they made up themselves. These people did not just find out about drag queens a few months ago, and they know no one is being forced to take their kids to drag brunch. They think they have finally landed on an argument that allows them to let their homophobic freak flags fly, an argument that allows for (what they imagine is) a certain amount of plausible deniability that they really are just a bunch of homophobic freaks trying to force everyone to follow their religion. And they're too daft to realize how extremely transparent they are.

There is a GoFundMe for Uprising Bakery should you like to contribute.

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