Christmas Comes Early for Jews This Year

AP070914022754.jpgAs it turns out, were Iran and Israel to get into some kind of crazy nuclear slugfest, it's really no biggie and we should all probably stop worrying about it according to a study by some fanatics who think about nothing but this shit all the time. The Armageddon-like conflict would in all likelihood last a mere three weeks and have a negligible impact on Israel -- just 800,000 people would be lost because we're God's chosen people and despite the fact that Iran doesn't have any fucking nuclear weapons. Somehow, the study finds that Israel can bounce back from this, no probs, without even breaking a sweat. Iran, on the other hand, would lose up to 16 million people and would never be able to recover, never ever in a million years, because Israel has 200 nuclear war heads and Muslims are inferior. Anway, mazel tov, Israel! Your future is secure!

US Report: Israel Would Win Nuclear War With Iran [Ynet News]


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