Christopher Hitchens Wins His War ... On Smoking

Mere months ago, Washington's favorite drunken Englishman put himself through a comical health & beauty regiment, including myriad arduous stop-smoking schemes. His unrepentant conclusion: "I am more than ever sure that it's enough to be born once, and to take one's chances, and to grow old disgracefully." And yet, today we hear the shocking news that Hitchens has indeed given up his greatest literary prop. No, not booze. The other one.

From a Financial Times interview published Friday:

"After the drinks arrive I offer Hitchens one of my Marlboro Lights. Then something life-changing happens. Cool as a cucumber -- and with no hint of remorse -- Hitchens announces that he has given up smoking. "I got up yesterday morning in Madison, Wisconsin, and I just threw my pack away," he says.

Madison, Wisconsin? Is he still on that goddamned book tour?

Anyway, congratulations to Hitchens. Having successfully given up cigarettes many times ourselves, we wish the godless drink-soaked former Trotskyist popinjay success in quitting for good.

Shock News of the Day [Christopher Hitchens Watch]


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