Chronically Wrong Person Claims He Knows What Women Want.

Chronically Wrong Person Claims He Knows What Women Want.

Donald Trump, who is wrong about everything always, told a large crowd of people his Montana rally on Saturday that he knows what women want. What is this, you ask? Is it to be grabbed by the pussy by a decrepit old man? Is it to lose their reproductive rights? Probably, according to Trump, it is all of those things -- but what they want most, he believes, is for a big strong man like him to protect them from the scary brown people and their caravans.

"After the election," he started, "in between their tears as they were crying, they were saying, 'Man, did he do well with women — did he do well."

No one said that. Unless it was at the hipster coffee shop Jacob Wohl goes to. They might have said it there. But literally nowhere else did anyone say that. Sure, some people were a tad surprised that 41% of women voted for him, because that is a pretty masochistic thing for 41% of women to do, but no one in their right mind would call that "doing well with women."

"But women want security, they want financial security, but they want security," he explained. "They don't want that caravan — and by the way, four others that are forming."

Wow, I am a woman, and that does not seem at all like something I want. Also a woman? The Statue of Motherfucking Liberty and she seems pretty into taking in the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free as well.

"Women want safe neighborhoods for their families, great schools for their children, and they want violent predators like we're talking about to be thrown in jail or thrown the hell out of our country," he explained, as if violent predators or the quality of our schools could possibly have anything at all to do with a caravan of people seeking asylum. If anything is going to make our schools worse, it is Betsy DeVos being in charge of them. Now that is SCARY.

This bullshit comes on the heels of Trump's new extremely racist and fact-free ad for the GOP midterms, all about how if you vote for Democrats, SCARY IMMIGRANTS WILL MURDER YOU.

Which is super weird because the guy who let him go was Trump's beloved acolyte Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Pretty sure he is not a Democrat!

Clearly, Trump sees convincing stupid white people that they are definitely seriously threatened by scary people of color (and he is the only one who can protect them!) as a winning strategy, and he is doubling down on it in hopes of getting them out to the polls.

Anyhow -- the president is both extremely racist and extremely sexist. But you knew that already, so get on with your open thread!


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