Chuck and Huck Planning Massive Kegger in Texas

chuckbass.jpgMike Huckabee and President Chuck Norris, oh them two boys are planning the party of the century on January 20! Held from the Lone Wolf Ranch -- THAT'S CHUCK'S HOUSE -- The "Texas Style Barbecue" will feature Huckabee's band, the Capitol Offense (not funny but whatever!), and a martial arts demonstration from Chuck!

"OH DAGNABBIT!" you're saying, "I DON'T LIVE NEAR THE LONE WOLF RANCH!" That's okay friend, because if you donate to Huckabee you can watch it on the Internet -- the very same Internet you're on right now. According to Chuck, "You'll also have access to a personal guided tour of my family's beloved home on the Texas range as well as other surprises." Oh ho ho, surprises! Will they perhaps gas an Arkansas felon??

Texas Style Barbecue []


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