Chuck Grassley Big Mad About Mean Democrats Picking On Poor Donald Trump

Chuck Grassley Big Mad About Mean Democrats Picking On Poor Donald Trump

Chuck Grassley is GRRRR SO MAD, you guys. How dare these mean Democrats do WITCH HUNTS to Donald Trump? Don't they know they are destroying the holy Senate? That august body, with its inviolable traditions of gravitas and comity, is being coopted to partisan ends by the evil Democrat party. And if there's one thing Sen. Grassley hates, it's partisanship!


But seriously, get a load of this guy.

"Last week, Judiciary staff interviewed Jeffrey Rosen, Trump's former acting attorney general, and Mr. Rosen's deputy at the Justice Department, Rich Donoghue," he began. "These interviews were done as part of the Democrats' never-ending series of investigations into former President Trump. Their obsession with him has been very consistent. I'll give them that. So, too, are the Democrats' public comments that grossly mischaracterize, at least for the now, the state of the evidence."

Which is fucking rich coming from a guy who used his official position to release a report on Hillary Clinton's email server in August of 2019, three years after she'd been formally cleared by the FBI of wrongdoing and six years after she'd left the State Department.

Grassley went on to blame Democrats for forcing Trump to fire FBI Director James Comey. See, Democrats kept saying Trump was under investigation, and Comey respected secrets, so he wouldn't comment on it. And then "Trump fired Comey because Comey wouldn't make the fact that Trump wasn't under investigation public. Unfortunately, the Democrats' big lie eventually got them what they wanted, because Comey then helped orchestrate an investigation over his firing."

Oh, Grandpa! Looks like you forgot one or two teensy little details. Like the eleventy-seven contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian agents; Michael Flynn's secret chitchats with the Russian ambassador when he promised sanctions relief; Trump asking Comey to "go easy" on Flynn after he lied to the FBI; and the fact that Rod Rosenstein, a Republican nominated by Trump and confirmed by a Republican Congress, appointed Robert Mueller, another Republican, to investigate.

And while we're on the subject of Michael Flynn, let's just remember that Chuck Grassley, noted foe of partisan congressional investigations, spent a shit ton of Senate resources trying to figure out who in the government had the temerity to unmask Flynn when he was cahoots-ing with a foreign power during the transition and got picked up on FBI wiretaps. Not that Grassley was trying to dirty up presidential candidate Joe Biden in May of 2020 — perish the very thought!

Grassley went on to complain that the DOJ is selectively waiving privilege in the interviews with former Department employees. Although the senator certainly had no complaints during the past four years when the Trump administration gave Congress a big middle finger on oversight, refused to respond to any requests for information from the minority party, and routinely failed to turn over information it was obligated to disclose by law.

"When it comes to Trump, the usual order doesn't apply," whined the guy who spent 2015 demanding to know why Hillary Clinton attacked that embassy in Benghazi. The he pivoted seamlessly to complaining about Democrats' dastardly intrusions on Trump's private presidential discussions of how to use the Justice Department to overturn an election.

"Those are the types of meetings where all kinds of things are discussed. That's the whole point," he railed. "The president has every right to discuss ideas and strategies with his closest advisers. The president, whether that president is Democrat or Republican, should feel unrestrained to bring ideas to his closest staff for robust discussion."

REALLY? Because that's not the line Grassley took when it came to the Obama administration's right to deliberate the "Fast and Furious" operation. Although, to be fair, it's consistent with his position in the Ukraine impeachment hearings, we'll give him that.

Grassley finished up by saying it's totally fine for the president to plot with his advisers to overturn an election, as long as everyone around him drags their feet and refuses to actually do it.

"Eventually the facts will come out and Trump will have to address them, good or bad, depending on the fact at hand. However, the essential question that should be asked, what was the final decision," Grassley said, adding, "Did Trump fire Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen? No, he did not fire him. Did Trump fire Rich Donoghue, Rosen's deputy? No, he did not."

Attempted murder? What is that? Do they give a Nobel prize for Attempted Chemistry?

In summary and in conclusion, it is perfectly fine for the president to pressure the Justice Department to announce investigations of non-existent fraud as a pretext for Republican legislatures to overturn the will of the voters. And Democrats need to stop being so partisan and destroying the Senate.

So saith Chuck Grassley.

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