Chuck Grassley Doesn't Mince Words: Blames NATO In Libya For 'Legles Kiod'


Is this the tweet that turns the tide of American public opinion on the war on Libya? Chuck Grassley has some tough talk for NATO. It has blood on it hand, he says. For every legles kiod. Because that's what clusters do folks: legles kiod. And he's not afraid to say it. If he has to stand alone against'stiminidity, so be it.

Grassley then clarified:

Huh? He didn't need to clarify. He may have thought he accidentally spelled "enuf" correctly in the first tweet, but he didn't too. Something else is going on here.

He's right, the legless kids are a problem. But, as any observer can tell you, the legles kiod is a much bigger issue. Did the powers that be threaten Grassley for speaking the truth? Is that why he modified his remarks?

Stay safe, Grassley. You damn hero. [Twitter]


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