Chuck Todd To Finally Get 'Meet the Press' Consolation Prize

Chuck Todd To Finally Get 'Meet the Press' Consolation Prize

A long time ago, American treasure Tim Russert died, leaving an opening at America's most important teevee chat program,Meet the Press. Goateed numbers nerd Chuck Todd was maybe going to take over, because why not, but then the Higher Ups at GE/NBC decided David Gregory should be the new host, because David Gregory can dance and dance, on teevee, which is the whole point of Meet the Press.

Sad Chuck Todd was shuffled off to the White House briefing room, where he sits with various weirdos and losers and occassionally mumbles something at Robert Gibbs, who then floats away with a beatific smile. He was reportedly "mildly unsatisfied" with this dumb typing-pool job, but now he can be happy again!

MSNBC is going to give Chuck his own weekened chat show, but it's going to be on MSNBC instead of the real NBC show, which means the Meet the Press audience will never see him, as the Meet the Press audience consists solely of senior citizens who cannot find the remote, so have just left the teevee on NBC since about the time when Johnny Carson went off the air.

MSNBC Developing a Weekend Politics Show for NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd [New York Observer]


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