CIA Admits It Waterboarded Noam Chomsky At Area 51 While Planning Iran Coup


You guys, what is even up here? The CIA is now admitting, after 60 years, oh yeah, wetotally coup'd Iran. This comes on the heels of its admission that it had been domestic-spying Noam Chomsky back in the '80s, because of all the terrible danger he posed as ... well, as a linguist.

Did the CIA join some sort of Twelve Step program? After they admit all the things, will they make amends? Will they continue to make fearless personal inventory? Will they mentor other addicts, and then fuck them?

What will the CIA admit to next? The exploding cigars? Whatever that fucking conspiracy in X-Files was over those endless later seasons with the Cigarette Smoking Man, when they went on and on and fucking on and completely forgot to update us on what was new with the Fluke Man? KILLING KENNEDY? Oh, right, our little Occupy brother tells us that was the Federal Reserve. :(

[Salon / ForeignPolicy]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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