Yeah yeah, we know, it's just so hypocritical of iconic Bond girl Dianne Feinstein to suddenly be acting all hotted up about domestic spying now that she's the one getting domestic spied on. It's very ironic and so on, but that's not the important thing. The important thing is: If you are someone who wants a new Church Committee to ram home a deep, broad, penetrating probe of CIA, NSA, FBI, and all the rest, you should be happy. The chances of that happening just got a lot better.

And boy, it's about time. To us, the most striking thing about this whole affair has not been the accusations against the CIA, but rather just how badly they've handled themselves in response. It's like when you catch a kid with his hand in the cookie jar, and his reaction is to yell "FUCK YOU! My hand was not in the cookie jar, and even if it was it's none of your fucking business! DO YOU HEAR ME I WILL CUT YOU! I WILL SHIT IN YOUR SHOES!" In other words, the CIA is very much like Justin Bieber or a 19-year-old son.

This bit from Mother Jones is telling:

[Feinstein] began by noting her reluctance to go public:

"Let me say up front that I come to the Senate floor reluctantly. Since January 15, 2014, when I was informed of the CIA search of this committee’s network, I've been trying to resolve this dispute in a discreet and respectful way. I have not commented in response to media requests for additional information on this matter; however, the increasing amount of inaccurate information circulating now cannot be allowed to stand unanswered."

In other words, she felt that the spies were leaking false information to nail her and her staffers. So she was upping the ante by taking this dispute out of the shadows.

In other other words, what the fuck is the CIA even thinking here? Their goal is obviously to make this very public embarrassment go away, right? But their strategy is apparently to do the exact opposite of that by clumsily bullying everybody who actually has the power to decide whether it goes away or not.

Maybe the CIA is so used to seeing itself as powerful and in control that its leaders are not mentally equipped to deal with a situation like this. Or maybe the things they've done are so unbelievably vile that cooperating would essentially mean going to jail or worse.

Look, we obviously have no special knowledge of the inner workings of our intelligence agencies. But we can read pretty OK, and from what we are reading, it looks like the people in charge at CIA are either so stupidly brazen that they believe they can fight openly with Congress and win, or they're smarter than that but feel a fight with Congress is their only option in light of their crimes.

Long story short, needlessly pissing off Dianne Feinstein was probably the biggest mistake the CIA made since... what, Iraq WMD? All those times they kidnapped guys who weren't even terrorists? Oh, that wedding party they blew up in Yemen, talk about "whoops!"

The CIA used to be run by a guy who couldn't keep his extramarital affair a secret. That's a low bar, and it's only gotten lower.

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