CIA Sued for Being a Dick

Valerie "Plame" Wilson worked for the CIA for exactly "20 years, 7 days," with "six years, one month and 29 days of overseas service," according to the CIA via the Congressional Record.

That information is classified, by the way. And for repeating it, the CIA is forbidding Val from publishing her book. So Val's suing them! And so is Simon & Schuster, because they paid $2 million for the thing, which we think is the largest advance paid to a non-blogger since 2001 or so.

The CIA claims that the dates made it into such a very public corner of the public domain completely by accident. Which they can't possibly expect us to believe -- the CIA fucks up things like intelligence estimates for countries we're about to go to war with, major terrorist attacks on US cities, and enemy combatant interrogation, not shit like fucking with their political enemies for kicks and spite. That's practically their mission statement!

Valerie Wilson Sues CIA Over Memoir [NYT]


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