CIA Treating Senate's Dumbest Republican Like Toxic Dump Human He Is

It's always interesting when we get reporting from sources in the CIA and other intelligence agencies about issues of the day, like who is being a real fuckin' Russian asset right now and who is not. Not what Donald Trump's goon political appointees think, fuck them. We mean the rank-and-file career people.

Last year, Business Insider got some current and former spies and Justice Department people on the phone to comment, mostly anonymously of course, on what a Russian asset Trump really is, and more specifically about Trump's little performance at last year's G7, where he incessantly begged and bullied the group (unsuccessfully) to bring his best pal Vladimir Putin back into the club. It was an enjoyable report to read, and also horrifying.

Politico did another one of those reports this week, this time on how the CIA feels about Senate's Dumbest Republican Ron Johnson, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, and his almost certainly Kremlin-inspired campaign to manufacture bullshit investigations into the Bidens in Ukraine, for the benefit of Trump's campaign, all of which redounds to the benefit of Russia.

SPOILER: The CIA is not impressed.

Andrew Desiderio and Natasha Bertrand, two of the finest, report:

The Central Intelligence Agency has ignored requests to brief senators as part of a Republican-led investigation that targets presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his son Hunter, according to sources familiar with the matter and an email described to POLITICO.

You know, usually in the Trump era, when agencies are telling Congress to fuck off, it's a bad thing, because they're clearly trying to cover up crimes and corruption and grift and incompetence. But in this case, it sounds like the CIA is telling the GOP-led Senate Homeland Security Committee to fuck off, and we think that is hilarious. Especially because of how it's because they think Ron Johnson is "toxic":

The spy agency's resistance comes amid intelligence officials' deep skepticism of the probe, which is being led by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and focuses on Hunter Biden's role on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. Democrats argue the investigation is based on Russian disinformation aimed at tipping the outcome of the election toward President Donald Trump — a charge Johnson rejects. ['Cause he's dumb and a really easy mark for Kremlin disinformation campaigns. - Ed.]

Some intelligence officials similarly fear the Biden probe will only boost the Russian intervention. And while the motivations of the CIA are not certain, Johnson is considered "toxic" by some members of the intelligence community, according to people with direct knowledge of the dynamic.

Well then.

Just recently the Democratic leadership on the Gang of Eight asked the FBI for a defensive briefing on foreign (Russian) efforts to fuck with the election (for Trump), specifically alluding to Johnson's latest Russian escapade. (No, we don't mean his literalRussian escapade to Moscow on the Fourth of July, 2018. Though that one might be related to his current one.) But Politico reports that the committee has been reaching out to the FBI for a while on this, and that the FBI really thought CIA should be part of it, even though "CIA" and "Homeland Security Committee" usually do not go to the same unzipped yacht parties together.

Apparently that was about when CIA started saying fuck off.

In addition to potential concerns about Johnson's probe, the CIA is wary of providing a briefing that could reveal sensitive sources and methods to a panel other than the Senate or House intelligence committees, which are the agency's direct oversight bodies in Congress.

"There is a significant trust gap there," said one current national security official. "At what point does someone turn from an 'unwitting' participant in that to a witting one?"

Holy shit, if we are reading between the lines correctly here, we think ... we think "current national security official" is saying CIA people are afraid to give too much info to Ron Johnson, and asking if that could make them participants in Johnson's little magically Russia-licious adventure. HUH.

The official added that enough is known about certain bad actors that it should be "out of the question to consider their information legitimate investigative material," referring to the Ukrainians who have sought to feed information to Johnson and other Trump allies on Capitol Hill.

In other words, THEY know what Ron Johnson's pro-Russian Ukrainian sources are up to, and everybody ELSE knows what they are up to. The only one who doesn't seem to know it is Ron Johnson. Or does he?

There's much more at the Politico link, and you should read it, but the main takeaway here is that Ron Johnson is full of shit, his investigation is full of shit, and every second he keeps it up is another second he's helping Russia have its way with yet another American presidential election.

The end.


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