Cicadaporn: Make It Stop

And you thought the religious right got into a tizzy about just having condoms in the schools. . . The WP reports that in suburban Virginia, grade schoolers are watching insects fuck:

Ian Houghton, on the other hand, will be sad to say goodbye [to the cicadas]. After learning all about the cicadian life cycle at Flint Hill Elementary in Vienna, 6-year-old Ian set up a cicada dating service. To help them "get married," as he says, Ian finds singing male cicadas and pairs them with non-singing -- and presumably female -- cicadas. "We've watched the results," writes his mother, Anne, "and he's been pretty successful in ensuring that there will be another generation of cicadas in Dunn Loring and Vienna. As if they needed any extra help!"
Six-legged sex freaks! Clearly, the "under God" ruling came too late for little Ian. . .


U.S. Top Court Lets Schools Use `Under God' in Pledge [Bloomberg]


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