Cindy McCain Fondly Recalls Her Baby-Poaching Days On 'Good Morning America'

Michelle Obama didThe View yesterday, so today sasspants Cindy McCain visited Good Morning America. We were too busy sleeping or something to actually watch this wee interview, but here is a recording of it! After the jump, an exclusive Wonkette Record-O-Blog, which is like a liveblog, except recorded.

7:12 AM -- In some countries, they keep children in closets! Also, one third of the country has no idea who Cindy McCain is.

7:12 AM -- "I don't think I'm very mysterious." The interviewer asks, "But what of the people who think you're a terrible elitist because you're a gazillionaire beer heiress?" Cindy, seductively: "Come and get to know me." We're blushing.

7:13 AM -- Why should a woman support John McCain when he's pro-life? Because he loves the war, which is the most pro-woman thing of all. "I think Michelle Obama is a fine woman." Finally, everyone in America can agree on something.

7:14 AM -- Get up off the couch and volunteer! Cindy casts her mind back to the time she came home with a new baby and John was like, "You know what goes good with that? Lemon pepper."

Cindy McCain GMA Interview [RedLasso]


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